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Private Events

Yoga for Low Back Pain

Yoga sequences designed to manage back pain & reduce flare ups.

A gentle yoga class for people who suffer from low back pain. Reduce or eliminate the need for pharmacologic treatment with a yoga sequence designed for low back pain.  Also includes mindfulness based stress reduction exercises, which, along with yoga, are scientifically demonstrated to reduce low back pain.

Classes can be offered at physical therapy and wellness centers.

60-minute session 

Girls Night In

Connect and laugh with friends during a private yoga session at your home.  Share a bonding experience to bring connection and deepen friendship.  

If you plan to stay in, yoga can bring calm and relaxation to your party.  Need to detox after a night out?  We can do that too.

60-minute session

Boardroom Yoga

Don't have a lot of space?  Boardroom yoga classes can be done in chairs, around a table or standing without mats. 

This is a more gentle style class and will not be intense. Participants are encouraged to wear yoga clothing, but are also welcome to wear their regular workplace clothing. Yoga mats are not necessary.

15-minute stretch or guided meditation 

30-minute stretch

60-minute session

Bachelor/ette Parties

Yoga is a great way to start off the celebration or wind down from the festivities! Reduce stress, relax, detox & spend quality time with friends & family. Pamper the bride or groom while creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Yoga-themed Parties and Showers.  Wedding Day Yoga family and friends classes. 


15-minute stretch

30-minute stretch

60-minute session

Team Building Yoga

Create high-performing, problem solving, and motivated teams.  Help team members to work together effectively as a team, using yoga to increase motivation and promote cooperation within the workplace and promote better physical and mental health.

Perform a series of challenging movements that are not possible to do alone.  Such challenges require attention and care, cohesive thinking and moving, and a high level of focus. 

60-minute session 

Other Events


Yoga events are a fun and creative

 way to bring clients new and old to 

your business.  Breweries, coffee shops, art studios, live escape rooms...We've 

done it all!  You provide the space, we'll do the rest.


Senior yoga, retirement 

celebrations, couples yoga parties.  

If you can dream it, we can bring yoga 

to your event!

Birthday Parties

What better way to pamper the birthday gal/guy than a fun yoga session to reduce stress and increase happiness?  Birthday milestone? Just another year? 1/2 birthday surprise?

Combining laughter yoga, partner yoga and all things fun and silly, yoga at a birthday party will create memories of a lifetime!

60-minute session 

Conference Yoga

At conferences, business meetings, retreats & special events. Make your next conference a success that participants will remember!

Conference Yoga reduces stress, increases energy and blood flow to the brain and muscles, improves memory retention, productivity and efficiency, motivates teams and much more.

15-minute stretch or guided meditation

30-minute stretch

60-minute session

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